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Snowy tree trunksThere’s something very significant about the Pagan festival of the new year for me this year. Imbolc is celebrated on February 1st and marks the half way point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. We have been living in rented accommodation for the last fourteen months and have just moved back to our newly renovated house. It has a wonderful combination of newness and excitement, but also the comfort of the old and familiar.

The snowdrops, symbol of Imbolc, are flowering in the lane, where they always do, celebrating rebirth after the death of winter. Their grace and beauty are enough to turn me into a galanthophile too. The cowslips have sent up some hopeful shoots and the birds are very glad to find their feeder is full. White, red and green symbolise Imbolc, white to mark the end of winter snow, red for the blood of life and green symbolising the emergence of shoots and leaves. The blue tits are already popping in and out of a nest box in the cherry tree. Last week our third grand-daughter was born; she is perfect. Healthy, beautiful and bringing so much happiness with her.

Imbolc celebrates hearth and home, a festival with female energy, it encourages our own springs of creativity. Time to light candles and take in the silence of the cold air whilst facing east to the rising sun.

It seems like the perfect time to launch my website. I’m nervous about birthing it into the world but also excited. I hope you enjoy the site, do let me have your thoughts.

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