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The Curious Case of Your Vagina’s Secret Ecosystem

Did you know the vagina has its own ecosystem? Friendly bacteria, interaction with the immune system, and regulation of the natural acidity level all help to keep you healthy, comfortable and free from infections. 

During and after perimenopause, a fall in oestrogen can upset the natural balance with the potential to severely impact quality of life. Find out how you can support the vaginal biome, and what to do if things don't feel right.

Beyond Diet and Exercise: The Social Way to Add Years to Your Life

Diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are all important, but research has shown that having a wholesome social life can also add years to your life. Find out what researcher Dan Buettner discovered when he studied populations with the longest life expectancy and most centenarians.

Juicy Crones on How to be 60 Podcast!

Jay joins Kaye Adams (Loose Women) on her podcast to talk about how 60 onwards can be a wonderful time of self-discovery, learning and trying new things.

How Can Strength Training Help Before, During and After Menopause?

Muscle and bone loss can start in your 30s, increasing your risk of fractures and other health problems from 50 onwards. Find out how simple strength training exercises can protect you from health complications, as well as helping to combat the symptoms associated with menopause.

Why Your Weight Loss Goal Might Be Dangerous

'New year new me' is all very well, but research suggests that in some cases weight loss can be harmful. Find out why over 65s might have better health outcomes if their weight is slightly higher than traditional BMI guidelines suggest.

Juicy Crones in the Sunday Express and OK!

Juicy Crones has been in the press, with a large feature in the Sunday Express on 8th January and an article in OK!



WalkingWomen : Feliz Navidad in La Gomera, December 2022

If we were being honest, most of us had to look up the island of ‘La Gomera’, to locate it in the Canary Islands, due west of Morocco. Blessed with year-round sunshine and low rainfall, these islands make the perfect antidote to the winter gloom our group had blown in from. Two Americans, two Canadians and the rest from the UK, we stretched in the sunshine like lizards on a rock.



The juiciest crone: in conversation with Jay Courtney

To celebrate its upcoming publication, Bradt Guides sat down with the author of Juicy Crones to discuss her journey so far.



Juicy Crones book will be published on 5th January 2023

The book of Juicy Crones - Free For The Strangest Adventures will be published on 5th January 2023 is available NOW to pre-order.



Solo female holiday in Norway

There’s more than a little magic in eating a sandwich at 1,516 metres, sitting on curly white lichen – “reindeer food”– with 12 female friends who only yesterday were complete strangers