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Calling all Crones

Juicy Crones is a celebration of cronehood. A rethinking of what it means to be an older woman, a wise woman. The mantra is, ‘it’s only too late when you are no longer here’.

It is about women who have found their way to do, or to be, what they really want at this stage of their life. A woman who is celebrating her authentic self and embracing her third act, in all its many guises.

Read about Juicy Crones who are taking the courageous option on the Bradt website.

I would love to hear from any fellow Juicy Crones who would like to share their story with me. After a lifetime of public service and caring responsibilities this is my first book and my big adventure. For now our meetings will have to be via the phone or Zoom, but soon we could meet in person too. Every woman who has contacted me has opened with ‘I don’t think my story is remarkable enough for you to be interested’; so far that has not been true at all! 

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